30-minute interview: emotion regulation on half-our-intern

“What do I do in the moment when I feel like screaming and killing the person? Well, #1, don’t kill the person, it’s illegal.

Have you ever been cut off in traffic and felt that you now had a personal vendetta against the person in the other vehicle?  Have you ever gotten in a disagreement with a family member and proceeded to think about how angry they make you for the rest of the day?  Have you ever had a bad day and taken it out on someone that had nothing to do with it?  It sounds like you could use some practice in emotional regulation.  Today’s guest, Dr. Patricia Zurita Ona or “Dr. Z”, explains how most of us could use a little work at regulating our emotional state.  She’ll give us tips and advice for recognizing our emotions as they enter a heightened state, and altering them to for our benefit.

“It’s not just a one time situation. It’s that while they were growing up they learned that they can get what they want by using anger as a way to handle other people’s responses.