Behaviorism in daily life: from the New York Times

As a behavior therapists, we understand daily life, interactions with others, and world events under the lenses of behaviorism.  Sometimes, people have misconceptions about behaviorally oriented therapists and think of us as being cold, dry, or too robotic. Times have changed, and we’re happy to report that behavior therapists can be compassionate, caring, passionate about what they do, and extremely skillful. We just adhere to the philosophy that change in therapy happens from “the outside to the inside” and prepare our clients for that process of change, that’s all with the added benefits of sound science.

We recently read an article published by the New York Times about “behaviorism in a marriage,” needless to say, we highly recommend, it’s worth reading; it will only take 4-minutes of your time at the most, and it may make you smile at the end of reading it, as we did.

Here it is: What Shamu taught me about a happy marriage.