DBT 102 for adults

Beginning date:
(*) Please be aware that this group has currently a waiting list. As soon as we have the   minimum number of participants we’ll start the group. Please feel free to call us if you’re interested in these groups so we can have your name in the respective waiting list.

 Patricia E. Zurita Ona, Psy.D.

DBT 102 group content:
Very often clients complete all DBT modules multiple times, don’t need a full repetition of all DBT skills but still struggle integrating DBT skills into their daily lives in a more natural manner. 

This group is exclusively for adult clients who completed a full round of DBT and are interested in participating in a “DBT Lab” in which we addressed directly daily life problems while remembering and rehearsing DBT skills. 

DBT 102 group length:
It takes 8 weeks to participate in this group.

Requirements to participate in DBT 102 group:
All interested participants are required to:

1. Commit to an 8-week group.
2. Schedule an initial intake/consultation appointment. 

More information:

For more information contact us at 925-956-4636 or send us an e-mail at ebbehaviortherapycenter@gmail.com.

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