DBT 101 for adults

Beginning date:
Tuesday November, 2015.

DBT 101 group content:
The DBT groups are time limited and will cover the four core DBT skills/modules:

(1) Mindfulness.
(2) Emotion Regulation.
(3) Distress Tolerance. 
(4) Interpersonal Effectiveness.

DBT 101 group length:
It takes 6 months to complete all DBT modules for adults and the teens/parents.
Parents are required to participate in a DBT teen group as well.

Characteristics of the DBT 101 group:
Every group session starts with a mindfulness exercise followed by homework review, presentation of a new skill, and homework assignment.

Requirements to participate in the DBT 101 group:
All interested participants are required to
1. Be in an ongoing individual psychotherapy for a minimum of 1-month either with an outside provider or with us.

2. Commit to an 8-week module.
3. Schedule an initial intake/consultation appointment. 

Are DBT groups right for you?
DBT groups are the most effective treatment for emotion regulation problems; click “here” to take an informal assessment and see if this is something you’re struggling with. 

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