You are unique and we know it

We take an individualized approach when working with you

Real skills for real change

Every session is an effective one

We are fully trained in empirically-supported treatments:

All the above therapies share a common purpose: behavioral change, a unique characteristic of our clinical work.

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We specialize in the treatment of:

– Depression
– Anxiety
– OCD & related conditions
– Trauma & related conditions
-Borderline Personality disorder
(Emotion regulation problems)
– Chronic interpersonal problems
– Problematic eating behaviors
– Body image concerns

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Intensive specialized programs

– Intensive outpatient  OCD and anxiety program
– DBT group for teens and parents

– DBT group for adults 101
– DBT group for adults 102

Group therapy

Social flexibility training (teens & adults)

Individual therapy

Our individual sessions are goal oriented, skills-based, and collaborative.

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Working with Patricia Zurita Ona has changed and saved my life. I have struggled off and on for years with sever anxiety disorder and OCD . I have been to therapy throughout the years and have found some helpful but nothing really got to the core of the problem…
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I sent my son to see Dr. Lakin after trying several other therapists. I was looking for someone who could teach him some skills to handle his feelings of frustration. Dr. Lakin challenges my son to see how his behavior does not get him what he wants and helps teach him new ways of thinking … Read more




Patricia and her team have completely changed my life! I cannot express my gratitude enough. I have struggled with anger and other emotional issues my entire life. I have been to so many therapists, groups and anger management classes. Nothing worked. But then came Dr. Zurita Ona, and she transformed my life… Read more



I do not know how it reflects on my credibility should I happen to brag about being a seasoned vet when it comes to therapists and mental wellness pursuits.  Regardless, I am.   And on top of that, I also happen to be a health care practitioner myself…
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