Emotional Regulation Problems

Are you struggling with from Emotional Regulation Problems? If you are curious, feel free to answer the questions below. Please keep in mind that this is a self-assessment tool and it's not a formal clinical assessment.

Read each one of the statements listed below and note the ones that are true for you during the last month.

1) When feeling upset, I try to change my emotions
2) I push my emotions when feeling uncomfortable
3) When feeling uncomfortable I cannot get things done
4) I feel out of control with my emotions
5) I don't know what I feel
6) I'm confused about my emotions
7) I don't know what to do when feeling overwhelmed
8) When I'm upset, I become angry with myself for feeling that way
9) When I'm upset, I feel ashamed at myself for feeling that way
10) I pay attention to how I feel
11) I acknowledge my emotions when I'm upset
12) I take time to figure out how I feel when I'm upset
13) When I'm upset nothing makes me feel better
14) I feel like I am weak when I'm upset
15) When I'm upset I become irritated at myself for feeling that way
16) I become embarrassed for feeling that way

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