A Self-Assessment for PTSD

ptsd, trauma, stress, mental health

We are all vulnerable to threatening events in our lives -events such as community violence (e.g., shooting, mugging, burglary, physical or sexual assault, bullying), sexual and/or physical abuse, being in or witnessing a serious car accident, sudden unexpected or violent death of someone close (e.g., suicide, accident), serious injury (e.g., burns, dog attack), major surgery (e.g., heart surgery), life-threatening illness (e.g.,  cancer), domestic or family violence, or dating violence.

Have you experienced a threatening event recently or in the past that has left you feeling anxious and distressed? Have your dreams, memories and feelings been affected by this event? Do you find yourself avoiding people, places and things that remind you of the event?

There are ways to identify the trauma caused by such events, and to heal the anxiety and distress. Try taking this assessment for post-traumatic stress disorder as a step in a helpful direction.

Click here to take an assessment about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder