The clinicians here at EBBTC bring their multitudes of expertise together to form a broad base of presentations that we accept. With each of them, clinicians use evidence-based techniques, tailored to you– your history, your specific symptoms, and your goals.

So what are the six categories of conditions we treat? They are…

  1. anxiety disorders: including chronic worry, specific phobia, panic disorder, and social anxiety
  2. obsessive-compulsive disorders and related conditions, including dermatillomania and tic disorders
  3. emotion regulation issues, such as anger and feelings that seem uncontrollable
  4. trauma and related conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder, and acute stress disorder
  5. depression and related mood disorders, such as cyclothymia, bipolar disorder, and seasonal affective disorder
  6. body image and problematic eating behaviors

More than one thing may be going on, and that’s why the intake assessment is important for figuring out what is happening, and what the most effective kind of treatment will be. We have self-assessments and more information on these conditions, where you can take a brief screener and get immediate results on what could be happening.


Visit this page to get more information, and get a name for your symptoms.


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