“You must be vulnerable to be sensitive to reality. And to me being vulnerable is just another way of saying that one has nothing more to lose. I don’t have anything but darkness to lose. I’m way beyond that.”

– Bob Dylan.

We often play-it-safe by hiding, avoiding, minimizing, and acting as if we’re not struggling. But it’s human to struggle; it’s human to ask for compassion; it’s human to be embarrassed; it’s human to be vulnerable.

In the first part of this conversation with Seth Gillihan, Ph.D., he kindly shares:

– His health struggles
– How he uses behavioral steps to navigate his day
– How he uses mindfulness to distinguish what he has control of and what he doesn’t
– How he deals with shameful feelings.

In the second part of this conversation, Seth shares how he and his daughter collaborated together to write the CBT Deck for Kids and Teens.

I hope you find this conversation helpful and hope it motivates you to be more compassionate with yourself.

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