fusion, academy, mentalhealth

fusion, academy, mentalhealth, teens

By Jeff Kozlowski, Fusion Academy

In today’s world, every teenager is challenged to adapt their emotional makeup to meet the demands of our culture. There remain the age-old pressures from peers regarding sex, drugs, and at-risk behavior (e.g. cutting). But contemporary societal pressures relating to academic excellence, social status, and continuous success compound the traditional problems facing teens. Pressure to be the best athlete, dancer, or musician. Pressure to be the most popular. Pressure to get into the best college. Pressure to get the right job. Pressure to make the most money. With so many tensions working against each other, many students have no other choice but to emotionally shut down or lash out at times.  And on top of that, things are more challenging for them if they’re suffering with social anxiety, depression, trauma, obsessive compulsive disorder, or emotion dysregulation in general.

That’s where we step in. At Fusion Academy, we embrace the individual to help rediscover a love of learning and a passion for life. We embrace those individuals who have closed off to the system and help search for a healthier way. Our one-to-one model allows staff members to mentor students to find a balance between academic achievement, enrichment activities, social opportunities, and emotional growth.

Our team challenges students in exciting new ways because the curriculum is tailored to the skill set, engagement level, emotional state, and motivational level of the individual. We dare students to be their best selves, to uncover their passions, to explore lifelong wellness. Competition is no longer the heart of success, but curiosity, engagement, compassion, empathy, creativity, enthusiasm, and confidence rule the day. Quite simply, we help each individual learn how to live a well-rounded and rewarding life. And we do this while integrating emotional supports into every aspect of our educational structure.

Now, we understand that it will take time to help the world realize the importance of each individual success story. We believe this way of thinking is revolutionary in relation to current approaches across the educational continuum. Therefore, our team is in it for the long haul as we’re prepared to do everything in our power to ensure learning is an authentic process, an organic process, for every student. With this philosophy in mind, we are committed to supporting our students in each life passage so they are equipped to explore long-term happiness and fulfillment.

For further information about how Fusion Academy can help your child, contact our Director of Outreach Alex Diaz at (925) 296-0053.


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 Are you ready to do what you deeply care about and

- Ditch other people’s definition of success to pursue your own?

- Bring all your expertise to what you do without dealing with negative costs to your wellbeing?

- Develop a new mindset to do what you deeply care about without negatively affecting other areas of your life in the long run?


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