I never have heard a person say “I’m concerned about how kind, caring and compassionate I’m with myself.” Most of us, may go into a judgemental mode when making a mistake, saying the wrong thing, or looking back at actions we took in the past. Sometimes, we may even hold onto beliefs that “by being tough with ourselves, we’re keeping ourselves in check so we don’t make the same mistakes again.” We do have tricky minds! Here is what I can tell you: the science of self-compassion has shown us that “kindness takes us far.” In this conversation with Jonny Say, part 2, he shares three different ways to practice self-compassion: (1) relying on empathic and validating statements, (2) noticing the common humanity of our vulnerable moments, and (3) self-correcting our actions. You will also hear me sharing a recent struggle I encountered and how self-compassion practices can be handy in those moments!

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