It’s OCD Awareness Week!

ocd, awareness

Monday was World Mental Health Day and this week is OCD Awareness Week, where we are set to promote awareness, education and understanding of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and related conditions!

What you can do this week:

  • Speak up and call people out when they say things like “I’m so OCD,” when they’re not clinically or significantly impaired by OCD
  • Use the #OCDweek hashtag all week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help get OCD Awareness Week trending!
  • Donate your Facebook status to spreading awareness:

“For OCD Awareness Week, I donate my status in support of anyone who has ever battled this disorder. May they find treatment, comfort, and hope. Together we can end the stigma around mental illness. Please copy and paste this as your status to promote the International OCD Foundation’s #OCDweek efforts. Learn more at www.iocdf.org/ocdweek”

Check out this video about OCD Awareness week, the symptoms and how OCD is treated: