Specific Phobia Self-Assessment

Are you struggling with from Specific Phobia Disorder? If you are curious, feel free to answer the questions below. Please keep in mind that this is a self-assessment tool and it's not a formal clinical assessment.

Read each one of the statements listed below and note the ones that are true for you during the last month.

1) Do you experience intense fear of certain situations?
2) Do you experience intense fear of certain animals?
3) Do you have a serious and persistent fear of a specific object or situation (such as flying, heights, animals, receiving an injection, or seeing blood)?
4) Do you feel anxious almost every time you encounter this specific object or situation?
5) Is this fear excessive or unreasonable?
6) Do you go out of your way to avoid feared objects or situations?
7) If you cannot avoid a feared object or situation, do you feel intense anxiety or distress?
8) Does the fear of avoidance interfere significantly with your normal routine, occupational (academic) functioning, or social activities or relationships?

Press "Do I have Specific Phobia?" Button To Submit your Quiz . After clicking you will see your results.

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