apps we use

our favorite apps

gratitude exercises apps
  • Feel Good Tracker – Track & graph involvement in pleasant events
  • Gratitude and Happiness (Track & Share Apps, LLC) – Track four happiness items and see what makes you happy and healthy
  • Gratitude Diary (Rude Labs) – Helps you to focus on life’s best things
health/nutrition apps
  • Daily Tracker Lite – Follow and organize all aspects of your daily routine
  • Pedometer – Helps keep track of how many steps you’ve taken in a day. Has GPS capabilities.
  • Pedometer Step Count  – Automatically records the steps you’ve taken
  • Pink Pad  – Menstrual and fertility tracker with integrated community to help women
  • Water Your Body Lite  – This app reminds you to drink water and helps track your drinking habits
  • LoseIt – tracks food & calories – can scan barcodes or create own custom recipes
  • MyFitnessPal – tracks food & calories – can scan barcodes or create own custom recipes
Insomnia Apps
  • CBT-I Coach – Goes through exercises of the CBT-I protocol
meditation apps
  • Breathe2Relax: Simple, guided breathing exercise to help calm emotion dysregulation
  • Buddhist Meditation: Music created for or inspired by Buddhism and part of Buddhist art.
  • Cleveland Clinic Stress Meditation: Mindfulness, guided imagery, loving-kindness, body scan, etc.
  • Headspace (on-the-go): contains a multiple of series of meditation practices to different settings such as performance, creativity, relationships, stress, etc.
  • Insight Timer – Great app for meditation, has guided meditations
  • Lotus Bud Mindfulness Bell: Sends randomized reminders to be mindful throughout the day
  • Mindfulness for Beginners: Guided meditations app; strong focus on MBSR and the 7 attitudinal factors
  • Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief (Jon Kabat Zinn)
  • Mindfulness Meditation by MentalWorkout: Guided mindfulness meditations.
  • Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep: includes a variety of soothing sounds of nature
  • Qi Gong Meditation Relaxation:
  • Re-mindful: random reminder to smile, breathe or be mindful.
  • Relax & Rest Guided Meditations: 3 guided meditations.
  • Take a Break: Guided meditation with music.
mood/thought apps
  • iCBT – Helps keep thought logs.
  • MoodKit – Helps keep track of positive and negative moods.
OCD apps
  • Feel Good Tracker – Track/graph involvement in pleasant events
  • LiveOCD – Great companion for ERP, good for kids
  • OCDTest – Gives you the YBOCS questionnaire
stress apps
  • Acupressure: TreatYourself – Guide to self-acupressure, for relaxation.
  • Stress Check – Questionnaire to help identify triggers of anxiety/stress.
  • Stress Tracker – Track anxiety/stress on 10-point scale.  Identify triggers. Graphs progress.
  • Worry Box – Anxiety Self-Help guide to managing worry.
  • Stop, breathe and think – guided meditation app – Mayo Clinic.
sleep apps
  • Nature Sounds:Relax and Sleep – Soothing sounds of nature
  • Relax & Sleep Well (i-mobilize, inc.) – High quality hypnosis recording helps alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Sleep Stream 2 (Explosive Apps) – Plays soothing sounds from nature, gentle audio atmospheres, music, hypnosis tracks, etc to help you sleep, relax, meditate, and more.
  • Sleep Time by Azumio Inc. – Detects your sleep cycles & behavior (REM vs Light Sleep)
  • Smart Alarm Clock (Arawella Corporation) – Tracks your sleep patterns and records sounds at night to help you track your snoring.
trauma apps
  • PE Coach – Created for returning vets with PTSD, recommended by the National Center for PTSD
  • PTSD Coach – Skills for managing symptoms of PTSD and tools for tracking/graphing practice/progress
acceptance and commitment therapy apps
  • ACTCompanion –
  • Mindi – ACT app with a fun video.
  • Signify – media player app that plays
attention re-training apps
  • Anti-Anxiety – Attention retraining for GAD
  • GoUpToThem – Attention retraining for Social Phobia
dialectical behavior therapy apps
  • DBT Diary Card & Skills Coach  – Helps to keep track of DBT skills
exposure apps
  • AnxietyCoach (Mayo Clinic): a bit tricky to use, but can create your own hierarchy
  • iTalk – good app for recording imaginal exposure
tracking and monitoring apps
  • D.A.T.A – Behavior monitoring
  • MeasureSet – Track multiple sources of data, including symptoms and behaviors
  • Mood Panda (Jake Greenwood) – Helps track your mood. Can connect to online account to track from anywhere.
  • Moody Me (MedHelp) – Helps track your mood. Can take pictures of things that make you feel happy and play them back.
  • MyMoodTracker Lite (Aspyre Solutions) – App for recording your mental state and the factors that influence your mood
  • Optimism (Optimism Apps) – Mood charting app that helps you develop strategies for managing depression, bipolar or other mental health conditions
  • T2 Mood Tracker – Tracks a wide range of positive and negative emotions, customizable for monitoring additional s’s
  • TracknShare – Best app to track behavior/monitor progress.
  • Way of Life: Tracking app, helps you spot positive and negative trends in your lifestyle
  • Behavior Assessment Pro – Tracks ABCs of a given behavior.  Facilitates functional behavior analysis