Get scheduled (intake)

For new clients
If you already had a phone conversation or email exchange with our intake coordinator, go to step 1, below,  and book an “INTAKE APPOINTMENT” by following all the steps.

If you didn’t talk to anyone from our center, call us right away at 925-956-4636, and let us briefly learn what you are looking for.

If you’re concerned about insurance, please be aware that although we don’t belong to any insurance panel, we’re considered out-of-network provider and most insurance plans offer out-of-network benefits. In order to provide you information about your insurance coverage, you will be asked to provide the CPT codes: 90791 (intake appointment), 90834 (individual therapy) and 90853 (group therapy).  In this way you will have an idea of how much your insurance company will reimburse you and what your out of pocket expenses will be. As a courtesy, we are also happy to assist you in determining what your particular co-pay and deductible will be so you can move forward with treatment; feel free to let our intake coordinator know if you require assistance gathering information about your insurance coverage.

1. Select one of the options below based on the therapist’s name you were given during the phone conversation with the intake coordinator.  From the pull down menu, select the option “intake appointment.”

2. Select a time based on the slots available in the calendar (gray color), right side.

3. Wait for an email with a confirmation of your appointment and a link to a “paypal” button; complete the payment for this intake appointment as soon as possible, otherwise your it’s not confirmed. You don’t need to have a Paypal account for this purpose, you just need your email and our email address (

4.  Wait for a second e-mail from us confirming the appointment and with a password to log into the website and get access to the intake questionnaires for your upcoming appointment.

6. Your appointment is scheduled!

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