How to start therapy with us

how to start therapy with us

children, teens, and adults

first step

Call for a phone screening

Since we do have certain areas of clinical specialization, it’s important to briefly learn about what you are looking for and assess if we do have the expertise or availability to fulfill  your therapy needs. You can give us a call for an initial phone screening at 925-956-4636 or e-mail us at

second step

Schedule online an intake/consultation session (s)

Based on our phone conversation, and if we both agreed that there is an opportunity for us to work together, we’ll invite you to schedule an intake session by simply clicking “here.”

third step

Meet us for an intake session (s)

The intake process lasts between 1 to 2 sessions, and usually each one of these sessions last 90-minutes.  The purpose of these meetings is to fully understand what prompts you in to therapy and learn together in detail about the difficulties you’re struggling with. Prior to the intake session(s) you will be asked to complete a clinical questionnaire that gathers detailed information about the particular issues you are dealing with, general psychological history, and specific expectations for therapy. At the end of the intake session(s) we’ll share with you our treatment recommendations that will effectively respond to your needs.If other referrals are necessary (e.g. psychiatrists, intense treatments, etc.) we’ll do our best to provide you with information for those resources.

fourth step

Make an informed decision

After we meet face-to-face for an intake, and you hear our clinical recommendations, then you can make an informed decision about therapy services.