what we treat for parents (2017)

what we treat?

we offer specialized treatment for children and teens.
when we say “specialized” we mean exactly that.


Here is a fact: anxiety disorders affect 1 in 8 children in United States (ADAA, 2016).  If your child or teen has been dealing with chronic nervousness, shyness, or fears for over 2 weeks, and these reactions are affecting his school, social, recreation, and family life, he may be struggling with anxiety problems, obsessive compulsive disorder, or trauma related conditions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), in particular exposure-based interventions, are the frontline treatment for anxiety disorders and other psychological conditions. There is not need for your child or teen to struggle when there are skills for him to learn, get better at dealing with troublesome thoughts, emotions, sensations and learning other skillful behaviors to succeed in life.


what’s unique about us when working with your child?

first reason, we care one hundred percent about you, your kid, your family, and we offer…



if your kid’s regular participation at home, school, or social settings is disrupted, we offer home visits and sessions outside the therapy office.

parental participation

we cannot do our work without your support: your participation in your child’s or teen’s therapy significantly improves the treatment outcomes.


every week you and your kid or teen are provided with different skills to practice at home.
“the practice makes the master.”

is your child or teen dealing with more complex, chronic, and debilitating problems?

check their symptoms, complete a parents self-assessment, and learn about specialized treatments your kid may benefit from.

is your child or teen paralyzed because of awful,unwanted thoughts, and anxiety in general?

our intensive outpatient program (IOP) for OCD and anxiety is what you’re looking for.
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are you walking in eggshells because your child or teen is “highly sensitive?“

dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) can help you and your teen.
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what are the symptoms your child or teen is struggling with?


take our online assessment and get immediate feedback


get familiar with the three most common problems children and teens struggle with

what is obsessive compulsive disorder?

what is
social anxiety disorder?

what are emotion dysregulation problems?