One way in which we play-it-safe is by “discounting what’s important to us or minimizing our needs.”

Of course, in relationships sometimes we prioritize the relationships’ needs versus our individual needs. And yet, if this playing-it-safe move goes unchecked we may end up living lives that are not fulfilling, meaningful and rewarding.

In this conversation, I chatted with Paul Ollinger, a nationally-touring stand-up comedian, podcaster, and former digital sales leader.

This conversation was a powerful one because Paul shares in detail how he made a shift, twice, from having a career that looked perfect on the outside and was enjoyable, – great benefits, stable, great people to work with – to creating a career path that was meaningful and purposeful. Paul shared the key questions he asked himself when figuring out what gives him meaning in this career: What would happen if I gave it all that I got in this life? What is my day-to-day life going to look like when I’m into this? What’s success? What’s my stress going to be about? Who will I spend time with?

Lastly, Paul shared his behind-the-scenes process when preparing for a stand-up show, starting with idea collection and ending in his mindset when performing in front of an audience. You have heard me say this before, we all play-it-safe. The challenge is when we do it, how often we do it, and how we do it. Discounting what matters to us is just another playing-it-safe move and we better watch out for it!

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