Social Phobia Self Assessment

Are you struggling with Social Phobia? Take our online self-assessment right away. Keep in mind that this is a self-assessment tool and not a formal clinical diagnosis.

Read each one of the statements listed below and note the ones that are true for you during the last month.

1) Do you experience anxiety or fear in situations that involve people either before, during, or after that particular situation?
2) Are you concerned about people judging you as anxious, weak, crazy or stupid?
3) Are you concerned about showing certain physical signs such as blushing, trembling, sweating or others when dealing with others?
4) Do you go out of your way to avoid feared social or performance situations?
4.a) What are the 3 most common forms you use to get out of a social situation?
5) If you cannot avoid a social or performance situation, do you feel intense anxiety or distress?
6) Do your social fears or avoidance interfere significantly with your normal routine, occupational (academic) functioning, or social activities or relationships?
7) Have you been experiencing these symptoms for 6 months or longer?

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