Are you struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Take our online self-assessment right away. Keep in mind that this is a self-assessment tool and not a formal clinical diagnosis.

Please answer the following questions if the symptoms described have troubled you in the last month.

1) Do you experience recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses or images?
2) Do the thoughts, impulses, or images seem intrusive and inappropriate?
3) Are you experiencing any of the fears/concerns listed below:
a) Fear of harm self?
b) Fear of harm others?
c) Fear of contracting illnesses?
d) Concerns with bodily waste or secretion?
e) Concerns with dirt or germ?
f) Forbidden sexual thoughts?
g) Concerns with sacrilege or blasphemy?
h) concerns with right/wrong morality?
i) Concerns about forgetting/losing things?
4) Do you engage in repetitive behaviors or mental acts?
5) Do you try to ignore or suppress the thoughts, impulses, or images or to neutralize them with some other thought or action?
6) Are you engaging in any of the following behaviors listed below?
6.1) Washing and Cleaning?
6.2 Checking and Repeating
a) I frequently have to check things over and over again.
b) I have difficulty finishing things because I repeat actions
c) I often repeat actions in order to prevent something bad from happening
6.3 Ordering
a) I must have certain things around me set in a specific order.
b) I spend much time making sure that things are in the right place.
c) I notice immediately when my things are out of place.
6.4 Thinking Rituals
a) Repeating certain words or numbers in my head makes me feel good.
b) I often have to say certain sentences to myself again and again in order to feel safe.
c) I find myself spending a lot of time praying for non-religious purposes.
d) "Bad" thoughts force me to think about "good" thoughts
e) I try to remember events in detail or make mental lists to prevent unpleasant consequences.
f) The only way I can stay calm at times is by thinking the "right" things.

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